Our Story

Absolute Training Solutions (ATS) was established in the year 2010 to bring a change in the education – training – soft skills industry through bespoke solutions. In this era of specialization “run-of-the-mill” programs fail to address the needs of audiences, which are equally diverse Our services cater to all segments of the society, right from Students to Corporate CEO’s. A core team with cumulative experience of over 110 years leads the firm from different sectors and domains. ATS provides solutions in the form of 100% customized interventions, workshops, programs, lectures, training, and seminars. In addition to this, we offer strategic advisory services in specific areas to ensure that our client’s operational efficiencies are enhanced and they become future-ready. Brand “Absolute Training Solutions” is the TM of B’N’J Absolute Training Solutions Pvt. Ltd. For more details, get in touch.